I’ve been single for almost two years now and just recently, I have become content with-in my singleness. You’ll be surprise when you realize how your imagination and thoughts can drive yourself crazy–all the shoulda, coulda, wouldas, go on and on, back and forth in your mind. I wasn’t content in my life being single. I knew that in a year I would be back in a relationship. I mean a year is a good time to get myself together and become ready for an adult relationship. I was wrong. I found out I am on someone else’s time:  God’s timing.

My previous and last relationship rotted into something I never at all expected 3 years to us meeting. I just knew in my heart and mind this would be my last and that we were bound to get married and have a family of our own. Again I was wrong. I was madly in love and I did anything and everything he asked me to do–He became my god. I put my family, friends, and even myself last in order to gain his satisfaction and for him to notice me. He did  nice things for me too.  I felt protected by him. He opened the door for me. He paid our dates. When he had money he provided some things (Notice I said “when” & “some”). I mean he did things for me no other man did. But when you’re blindly in love, indeed you are under a spell, you block out the truth. Sin was all up and through my life. I glorified this man and blocked God out, totally ignoring the One who was really in control.

I was fornicating & living with this man, I was drunken & smoking often, I was lying, I cursed all the time, I was angry, I felt stressed & worried, I stopped attending church, definitely was not in my Bible, I was thinking unclean thoughts, I’d even say I was practicing idolatry as I was giving my complete undivided attention to this man, devoting my self to him; overall I was practicing in the works of my sinful flesh. After years of sin, the relationship was over. Living like that, I eventually realized this wasn’t a righteous way of living. I had little good things come my way; it always seem like I had bad luck.

So here I am today single & a mother. How do I apply grace to being single? Well unfortunately we live in a world where being single is a curse, it’s something wrong with you if you can’t find or don’t have a man (or woman for a guy’s case). I’m here to tell you today that our singleness is an act of God.

Grace is favor and kindness shown without regard to the worth or merit of the one who receives it, in spite of what we deserve. According to my past, when I was bluntly and blatantly disobedient to God, practicing an unrighteousness life, He could’ve took me out. But that’s not how God works. He’s the God of forgiveness, mercy & grace. He still saw me fit for purpose despite my past. He still wanted to use me. I sought a relationship with God through Christ. Jesus Christ is the beneficiary and embodiment of God’s grace as Christ brought us God’s grace through salvation. “…We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved…”(‭‭Acts‬ ‭15:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬) God saved me from self-destruction. I can only imagine the trouble I’d be in today had I stayed & fought for that rotten, sinful relationship with a man who had no interest in a relationship with Christ!

I am at peace! You too can experience the peace & grace of Jesus Christ. Your past does not matter to Him. I have no drama in my life not even from my ex who resurfaced after a year later, wanting to finally see his daughter. I’m unbothered because I know that where I am in my life is in God’s will. He’s guiding my steps and protecting me. Your, mines, our singleness is a gift! Give your 💗 to Christ.

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