Our world today is not in the style or pattern of waiting; we want what we want, when we want it, and we will get what we want by any means necessary. We want a relationship, Now. We want to eat, Now. We want to start making money, Now. We want to have sex, Now. We want to get from behind the slow driving little old lady, Now. We want to do what we want Now, right away, ASAP! But waiting requires that we learn how to have patience and take time to get our minds right to make moral decisions.

Waiting for our desires isn’t fun and during this time we can become frustrated, anxious, stressed, and discouraged. However, the perspective of waiting our culture’s way versus becoming a person who can wait for God’s timing, are two different actions. The world uses the word patience loosely, and it means waiting for some-time, but if you’re wait is too long, take action into your own hands so your wait will not be in vein. Patience from a world’s view has nothing to do with God–it still delights our instant gratifications of wanting something sooner than later. Then we try to figure out why everything isn’t working out as planned, we proceed to try and fix our setback or disappointments, ending up yet again in an unwise and insane situation. The impatient person is not at the center of God’s Will.

My dear, patience is an attitude, it’s an essence that is very real and attainable if you choose to make it apart of who you are; anything opposite of patience is ungodly. The Bible explains The Fruit of the Spirit. Keep in mind: the word “Spirit” in this case refers to temperament, mood, character. In Galatians 5:22-23, it says: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such there is no law (NIV).” This verse describes the attributes (the fruit) of  a Godly character (the Spirit). You cannot be an impatient, stressed out, worried, anxious, and irritable Christian. If you are, then check your fruit on your tree because it is not good fruit and you will get sick eating bad fruit.

I’m certain that we all desire to be loved and shown love. It is in our nature because God did not create us to be alone. God created woman as the help-mate to the man, that we help one another become our authentic selves.

How far will you go to be Loved? Will you blame traumatizing events from your childhood? Will you endure an abusive relationship? Will you settle for dishonesty and lies from him or even from yourself? Will you continue to have sex outside of marriage? Will you live with him because you want his attention? Will you continue to pay close attention to other couple’s engagements, wondering why you are not? Will you continue to settle? This is not what is in God’s Will for your life. The Lord wants you to rest in Him and wait patiently for what He has for you. God does not want us to take matters into our own hands.

I am urging you to be patient and wait for Love, that agape Love, that your heart desires. In my post”Single Wholeness,” I spoke about becoming who God called you to be while you are single so you will be prepared to receive the blessings He has for you, including your spouse. You have so much to do right now in your singleness. There is so much work for the kingdom of God that needs to be done. Find comfort, delight, and joy in God’s faithfulness, even in the midst of happy or sorrowful times, God has been and will always be faithful and you should be faithful to Him too. Trust me, you’ll stay busy doing God’s work.

I’ve been discouraged and frustrated during my singleness. It has been far from perfect. I’ve gotten to this contentment I am pleased with today because I had to understand that my existence and purpose relies on the glory of God. I discovered my God given & driven purpose during fasting. I made a choice to get closer to God.

Yes, while you wait with a good attitude, fast. Eliminate all distractions from your life. Be it: social media, television (reality shows), sexual immorality, food, secular music, anything that you indulge in daily or often and that’s certainly keeping you from spending time with God. My fast first began with sex. I am celibate and at first it wasn’t easy, but it was necessary. What I allowed and the people I allowed myself to be around who did not respect God’s commands and who did not have a relationship with Him made it difficult. Going out, drinking, bars, sexual intercourse, all that had to be cut off, and I replaced those things with reading my Bible, going to church, ministry, and praying. In peace and stillness, God revealed to me who He needed me to be and become. It took a long time for me to fully assimilate into my celibacy. Just because you’re not having sex does not mean your practicing celibacy. In their book “The Wait,” DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good describes celibacy as refraining from sex due to a vow of faith. My faith is in the Lord that He will provide all my needs at the perfect time–not my time.

Recently, I just ended one of my fasts (about 3 weeks ago). With this fast, I refrained from social media, television, secular music, and meats. I began reading my devotions in the morning before I communicate with anyone and I noticed God is on my mind way more. I fast because I need direction from God: who to pray for, what to pray for, and the next moves He wants me to make. I fast for deliverance, so the chains of injustice are broken. Fast for whatever you need to do to be become closer to God, whole heartedly.

I want to please Him and devote my life to worshiping Him. I want a man who is after God’s own heart. I have the authority to receive God’s Love with obedience and submission to His Will. What God has planned for me is so worth it the wait. While you wait, be patient and still, and listen for His voice. Read your Bible daily (start with the Gospels). Join ministry. Attend church regularly. Volunteer. Love and treat others as yourself. God will reward the righteous. A Godly relationship is worth the Wait.

I encourage you to look into these Bible verses during this season of your life:

1  Corinthians 13:13

Proverbs 17:22

Psalm 37:7

Psalm 29:11

James 4:10




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